Ten Things You Need to Know About McAfee ePO

Whether you’re new to ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) or a seasoned pro, you may not know all the ins and outs of this security management software. Here are ten things you need to know — directly from our ePO Support engineers.

1. The Components that Make up ePO
ePO is composed of three server-side services and a Microsoft SQL database, each of which serves a different purpose:

• The Application Server Service, or Tomcat, is responsible for displaying the ePO console GUI and running extensions as well as other background functions
• The Event Parser Service takes events uploaded from clients in your environment and parses them into the SQL database
• The Server Service, or Apache, processes and receives all Agent-Server communication in the environment

It is important to note that all three services require and depend on a constant, high-speed connection to the SQL database.

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The New McAfee ePO 4.6

ePolicy Orchestrator


McAfee has introduced an upgraded version to the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator with new enhanced features and a more administrator friendly environment.

What’s new in McAfee’s ePO v.4.6;

Simplified installer
Enhanced post-installation experience- Express, Custom or Cluster installation options
Software Manager-The Software Manager provides a single location within the ePO console where you can review and download McAfee software, software components, and documentation
Policy Rules assignments- Location based tree sorting using tags
Client task catalog
AD integration enhancements
Improved dashboard management
Certificate-based authentication
Report templates for easy display of multiple queries in a single, customizable report
Web APIs for workflow


At ZERO cost, SSL offers to upgrade all our clients to the McAfee ePO 4.6 software

We will perform the upgrade and implementation at a scheduled date/time convenient for you.

SSL Announces New Partnerships.

This month, SSL proudly announces two new partnerships. We welcome onboard SysAid and Oracle.

What is SysAid?

SysAid is a web based Help Desk Software. It is an IT management software designed to save you time and money. Combining help desk and asset management into a single, friendly package, SysAid raises IT management to a new level.

Not Invented Here

I recently met a client who had a telling observation. He remarked that in IT organizations, most supervisor work “one rung” lower. When asked to explain, he stated that most supervisors tend to hang on to their earlier roles, for far too long. They believe that if they do not provide continuous oversight, the reporting person would not deliver to the desired outcome.

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