Business Process Management

The business landscape is changing. It’s more focused on creating new competitive advantages and breakthroughs by necessity. New and changing customers, global integration, business model innovation and new technology models are driving changes in the global economy today. Businesses are forced to change in fundamental ways - structurally, operationally and culturally in response to the imperatives of globalization and new technology.

Some of the concerns of today’s Executives include:

  • How can I make quantum leaps to grow my business and outmaneuver competitors?
  • What future business models will lead my industry and how quickly can I implement them?
  • How can I optimize my business to lower costs, improve quality, and drive more rewarding customer interactions?

Business Process Management (BPM) combines business processes, information, and IT resources, aligning your organization's core assets—people, information, technology, and processes—to create a single integrated view, with real-time intelligence, of both its business measurements and IT system performance. This integration of resources allows your organization to obtain business information faster, respond more quickly to market trends and competitive threats, and improve operational efficiencies and business results—all attributes of an on demand enterprise.

Business Process Mapping refers to activities involved in defining “what a business entity does”, “who is responsible for what” and the path the process flow takes based on certain business conditions.

Unfortunately, most modern businesses are run via emails. Employees send their request via emails and expect “decision making” responses to happen over emails. Many times this results in inordinate wait times and could lead to loss of business or customer dissatisfaction. However, the more intriguing factor is - very few people in the organization know the exact flow of the business – the series of activities that comprises of a business transaction. Because of this gap in knowledge, activities could be missed out or could be carried out in improper sequence resulting in non-standardization, delayed decision, poor quality, dis-satisfied customers and loss to business.

Blueworks Live is a cloud based Discovery and Documentation tool that helps organization define and document their existing processes. It is part of IBM’s larger Business Process Management suite. The biggest advantage of Blueworks Live tool is its ability to analyze the organization processes in real time to know the time taken for individual process, the cost involved to execute individual process, identification of the roles and expertise involved in each specific process. This will help the process owner to tweak the processes to make it more efficient from an execution as well as from a cost perspective. In short, the Blueworks Live empowers the business owner to manage their processes and also helps the top management a complete view of the organization.
The IT people on the other hand can collaboratively work with Business owners in automating many of these flows.


Blueworks Live will serve the following the objectives:

  • Discovery & Documentation
  • Centralized collaboration
  • Automating simple process
  • Analyze your process for improved efficiency

How it will help?

Discovery and documentation

The first step in any process improvement effort is getting a clear picture of where you are today. With BlueworksLive your whole team can engage collaboratively in the process discovery exercise while your process experts can use complex BPMN to document the most intricate aspects of your processes.

Centralized collaboration

Social networking meets BPM in Blueworks Live. Built-in communication features, such as instant messaging, live news feeds and the ability to leave comments enable you to immediately react to process changes that affect your projects. By consolidating all your organization's process knowledge in one place you can ensure that the right people are informed of the right changes at the right time.

Automating simple processes

Every day you waste countless hours working on the wrong thing at the wrong time because the wrong person is on the approval email thread or because a deadline was lost at the bottom of an email chain. With Blueworks Live, configuring a repeatable Process App that gives you back all those wasted hours is as close as 90 seconds and a few form fields away. By adding a layer of governance to these types of ad-hoc processes your organization will regain control not only over the business but also over its inboxes.


Security of your information is a top priority for IBM. Processes documented in Blueworks Live represent the intellectual property of IBM's customers. Blueworks Live uses the industry's strongest SSL encryption (256 bit) to secure traffic between your browser and the server so that no one may electronically intercept the transmission.


Using the Analysis tool, business owners can analyze their processes using different parameters. This will help them to look at their “As-Is” process and give them insights to tweak the process to graduate towards the “To-Be” process.


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