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Taking Another LOOK at Data Security

As Regulations and Corporate standards place increasing demands on IT to ensure safe data handling, deploying necessary protective solutions can seem daunting. Data loss prevention (DLP) solution is required. Some solutions require substantial effort to deploy and typically have large ongoing consulting costs. These products leave it up to IT to know about all the data that needs to be protected. Can IT be expected to know about all the data in the various departments of an organization and how it needs to be handled? Yes? No? It’s impossible for IT to identify all of the sensitive data, interpret the regulations, and translate them into effective policies. When faced with this dilemma, IT needs a product that provides more that basic protection.

Soft Solutions Ltd (SSL) partners with McAfee in Nigeria by providing their Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to prevent theft and accidental disclosure of confidential data. Built from the ground up, McAfee’s DLP solution quickly and effectively protects data wherever it may be. We make it easy to get the solution up and running by delivering it as simple components that can start analyzing your data in minutes, not months.

Build a Foundation for Complete Data Protection

Comprehensive data protection cannot be achieved without DLP. The McAfee Data Loss Prevention solution tightly integrates with other solutions in our data protection portfolio which all work together to provide the ultimate in policy enforcement and solution flexibility. The McAfee DLP solution is the content-aware coordinating force that orchestrates the actions taken to encrypt, redirect, monitor, and block usage of data while notifying and educating users about acceptable data use policies. McAfee offers a seamless solution that tackles the most complex data use scenarios with unrivaled agility.

When Data Is in the Wild, Speed Is Everything

IT can’t afford to wait months for data protection solution to start to do its job. Every minute data is unprotected is another minute that the reputation of the organization and the safety of customers’ information is at risk. Some solutions require lengthy and complex deployments that demand highly specialized skills to build, tweak, and tune. Heavy deployment costs can double the acquisition price and prolong risk that can wreak untold damage. The McAfee DLP solution breaks this impasse. The solution is up and running as quickly as you can plug it in. Within a week(or less), the system gathers a wealth of information about data use, allowing IT to start building effective policies that immediately deliver value.

How Can You Protect What You Don’t Understand?

Do you know where your data is today? How long would it take you to learn about it? Would you ever be able to keep up with the changes that happen, minute to minute, to the data inside your organization? The truth is, no IT department can take on this task single-handedly. The McAfee DLP solution helps to easily understand the data that flows through your networks, giving IT and business stakeholders a real-world map of all critical information assets, not just the ones already known about. This provides the insight needed to build policies that protect data today and into the future.
McAfee Data Loss Prevention Solution Components (SEND A REQUEST)

SSL offers the McAfee Suite of products that specialize in security across the enterprise. Supporting these product offerings are our various services that scale from basic support to complete outsourcing. Our solutions are organized in the following groups:

* Process Improvement
* Security Infrastructure
* Network Performance
* Services Management Solutions

SSL has partnered with leading Networking & Security Solution providers to bring the best of the breed solutions to Nigeria over the last decade.
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