Citrix XenApp

Deliver applications as a cost effective, on-demand service to any user, anywhere

Traditional distributed application deployment has become extremely complex and costly. IT struggles to keep up with the continuous updating and patching of new application releases on hundreds or thousands of devices. Thus, many user devices do not have current versions of applications.

Meanwhile, applications and data stored on user devices are not secure and create conflicts which cause devices to slow or crash, increasing costly help desk calls and lowering productivity. As a result, IT expenses continue to increase while IT is continually less able to secure data, maintain a high quality user experience and meet business expectations.

Citrix XenApp

Citrix® XenApp™ is an on-demand application delivery solution that manages applications in the datacenter and delivers them instantly to users anywhere using any device. XenApp reduces the cost of application management by up to 50 percent, increases IT responsiveness when delivering an application to distributed users, and improves application and data security.

XenApp enables IT to centrally manage a single instance of each application and deliver it to users for online and offline use, providing a high definition experience. It delivers 99.999 percent application availability and is proven with 25 million applications in production and over 100 million users worldwide.

Simplify IT management

XenApp centralizes applications in the datacenter to make it easy for IT to implement and deliver applications to any user anywhere, and scales on-demand to meet ever-changing business needs. XenApp eliminates the need to perform extensive application validation and compatibility testing, and reduces post-deployment support. Proactive application performance monitoring automatically alerts IT when performance thresholds have been reached, providing IT support staff the tools and information needed to pinpoint and respond quickly to issues.

Optimize application delivery

XenApp provides a flexible on-demand application delivery system that dynamically selects the best method to deliver applications, based on the user, application and network. Applications are streamed and run locally on a Windows® PC, or hosted centrally in the datacenter, either on multi-user terminal servers or on centralized virtual machines, and delivered via high speed protocol to any device. XenApp isolates each application to reduce application conflicts and allows users to access applications even when offline. With Dazzle, users can subscribe to the applications they need, while IT remains in control over user access. XenApp ensures that users have a consistent, high definition experience regardless of location or device.

Accelerate application performance and IT responsiveness

The centralized architecture of XenApp accelerates application performance over any network connection and on any device. HDX™ technologies increase application performance up to 15 times and ensure LAN-like speeds from anywhere. XenApp delivers new applications to users in seconds, and application updates are performed once and instantly rolled out to users.

XenApp enables IT to assign resources to ensure the highest levels of performance for critical users and applications. It proactively monitors performance to help IT identify potential issues and preempt performance bottlenecks, ensuring 99.999 percent application availability

Key features

Self-service applications

XenApp automatically determines the most optimal and secure method for delivering applications to users based on device capabilities, user permissions, network performance, connection location and security profile. Applications are either streamed for offline use or run centrally in the datacenter and delivered via a high speed delivery protocol to any device when a user is online. Applications are delivered to users through a personalized and easy to use self-service storefront that is available 24x7.

Any device, anywhere XenApp provides users instant and secure access to their corporate applications and data from whichever client operating system or device is most convenient—a desktop or laptop PC, Macintosh, thin clients and even mobile devices such as the iPhone™, Windows Mobile or Android.

High definition user experience

XenApp delivers a high-performance, high definition experience on any network. XenApp HDX technologies provide fast, advanced graphic and multimedia performance regardless of the capabilities of the endpoint device. Users are ensured a seamless experience with zero downtime and higher overall productivity.

Secure by design

XenApp is the most secure architecture for delivering applications because of centralized application delivery. It keeps data in the datacenter while transmitting only screen updates, mouse clicks and keystrokes over the network. It lets IT administrators assign application access, print and storage policies for specific applications and user groups, ensuring that valuable information remains secure.

Single instance management

XenApp eliminates the need to install or manage applications on distributed endpoint devices. The centralized architecture enables IT to store, maintain and update applications and server images once in the datacenter and deliver them on-demand to users. This simplifies management, avoids application conflicts, makes it easy to provide real-time updates and significantly reduces the requirements for patches and upgrades.

Enterprise-class scalability

XenApp is proven to support more than 100,000 users, scale beyond 1,000 servers in a single implementation and ensure 99.999 percent application availability. The enterprise-class foundation coupled with centralized management, monitoring and automation tools enables rapid response to business and user needs.

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