Credit Card Management Solution

Card frauds are the world's fastest growing form of theft costing financial institutions and banks issuing debit and credit cards billions of dollars every year. This kind of theft is growing because of the many ways this information can be obtained and used for fraud. These kinds of incidents not only cause financial losses but also result in reduced customer confidence. Fraud management solutions make it easy for merchants or credit providers to identify and address fraudulent transactions before they are completed.
electraGUARD is focused on identifying possible frauds during the postacquisition stage. From stringent authorization requirements to strict data security requirements, electraGUARD's detection tools and services help Issuers protect their customers against fraud.

A Frame Work of Prevention

Banks and financial institutions are stepping up their vigil against card frauds. Their imminent list of must-do's include educating customers on responsible use of card information and not disclosing private information online, alerting customers on use of their cards and so on. But does that give them ample ammunition to protect themselves?

electraGUARD is a pioneering solution that offers a rule based fraud detection engine and prevention framework for Issuers of debit, credit and other types of payment cards which can operate in real time, near-real time and batch modes.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduction in number of frauds
  • Rule based fraud detection engine
  • Effective tracking and closure of cases
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Solution Features

  • Powerful rule engine with user-friendly interface
  • Detection of online and offline suspect events
  • Ability to configure new rules as and when required
  • Built on open standards
  • Easy integration with hosts systems
  • Real time hot-listing of fraudulent cards
  • Real time case monitoring and tracking by the supervisor
  • White List and Watch List maintenance
  • Various alert mechanisms for suspicious activities
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    Soft Solutions Limited (SSL) founded in 1994, has emerged as one of the leading IT solutions and consulting companies in Nigeria.

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    Soft Solutions Limited partners with Electra Cards Solutions (ECS) in Nigeria. ECS is one of the leaders in the Credit and Payments Industry. They offer customers flexible choices to reach out to the growing payments market and address high performance, change management and cost efficiency challenges of the industry.


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