Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions deliver content in context to fully harness its potential. These industry-specific solutions can capture, activate, share, analyze and govern unstructured data to lower costs and risk while improving efficiency. As the volume of content continues to rise, organizations struggle to use it effectively. Seventy-three percent of CEOs are making significant investments in their organizations’ ability to draw meaningful customer insights from available data. IBM Enterprise content management provides a way to discover the content, recognize its value, then act on it for better business insight and outcomes.

Document imaging and capture for automated content and report management
Document imaging and capture helps companies meet strict content management requirements to help control content, automate content-related processes and govern how customer data is handled and by whom. These content management tools can turn complex structured and unstructured content into competitive advantage — even as content grows exponentially.

Document imaging and capture solutions from IBM can capture, store, manage, integrate and deliver various forms of content throughout your enterprise. These tools can help reduce costs associated with content management and help organizations deliver improved customer service.

Get serious about going paperless. Finally commit your organization to the elimination of touching, shipping and storing paper. When you can effectively transform paper documents into digital data, you gain more control over cost, compliance and customer service.

Provide the right information at the right time to make the right decision. When you can rapidly and accurately extract data from transactional documents, quickly understand its relevance, and direct it to the people and processes that need it, your organization can achieve intelligent process automation for increased customer engagement.

Eliminate the information silos that have grown up over time. Today’s organizations struggle with the real problem of information trapped in data and process silos across the enterprise, which is only accelerating with increased mobile, social and cloud infrastructures. Document Imaging and Capture solutions can connect content across multichannel inputs and multiple repositories and business systems to provide a single view of content in context.

Why Soft Solutions Limited?

Soft Solutions Limited (SSL) founded in 1994, has emerged as one of the leading IT solutions and consulting companies in Nigeria. SSL help customers address enterprise challenges by providing comprehensive solutions that combines innovative models and technologies with passion to solve business problems.

We deliver technology solutions that are cost effective, easy to use and adaptive to enable next level growth. Our solutions provide the platform for an agile ICT environment that drives an organization towards set objectives. They instantly transform any organization and deliver visible return on Investment. At SSL, we are pragmatic consultants who bring an implementation perspective to all our work. We realize that elegant solutions are meaningless unless they can be translated into sustainable business value.

Soft Solutions Limited

 partners with  IBM (International Business Machines). IBM is one of the world leading Information Technology companies in the world. Their innovation covers both software and hardware. With our alliance with IBM, SSL resells and provides professional services around Business Intelligence-COGNOS, BlueWorks Live, ECM, Business Process Management(BPM) amongst others.

For more information, contact info@ss-limited.com or send a request.

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