Going Virtual? How Secured are You?

Going Virtual? How Secured are You?

About This Training

THe IT WORLD has suddenly realized that a lot of money can be saved if an enterprise is VIRTUALIZED, so a number of enterprises are switching to virtualization very rapidly!

Have you ever stopped to think about the security threat of going virtual, what you stand to loose and the potential risk an entire company is prone to.

We have highlighted below some of the threats associated with VIrtualization.

The training will highlight the following:

  • Loose controls
  • Shoddy virtual network design
  • Unsecured physical data stores
  • Thinking VSAs will solve the problem
  • Believing what you hear in the news is real risk
  • Protecting systems from Viruses and Trojan
  • Protection from Open vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Access control measures
  • Information distribution control measures
  • Device control and lockdown
  • Secure your sessions for virtualized applications over the WAN or Internet

Training Outcome

The VM Administrator/Manager should be able to manage and control what and who accesses the VMs

The VM Administrator/Manager should be able to put all the necessary security measures in place before the Virtualization is implemented.

The VM Administrator/Manager will be able to proactively monitor/prevent threats and vulnerabilities on the virtual machines.

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