Oracle Business Process Management

Oracle Business Process Management is a complete set of tools for creating, executing, and optimizing business processes. The product enables unparalleled collaboration between business and IT managers. As a result, business processes are automated and optimized to improve efficiency and agility while costs are lowered.

Oracle Business Process Management leverages your existing IT investments and is specially tuned for line-of-business users. Using Oracle Business Process Management, you can improve productivity and visibility and provide your organization with the agility to respond to market needs like never before.

The Business Process Management Challenge Processes drive the business. If you execute a sales order, escalate a hiring decision, decide which records to keep, or determine how to price a product, you are acting within an implicit or explicit business process.

Portions of these processes take place inside IT systems; for example, a logistics application might coordinate the transportation of goods from Singapore to Los Angeles. But systems only go so far. People are the informal components of the business process, such as paying customs duties on that shipment. These informal processes can often be very expensive: As employees change jobs, they take their knowledge and experience of the process with them.

Formalizing processes—defining steps, exception handling, and escalation paths, and coordinating the systems needed to accomplish a specific task—greatly improves productivity, compliance, and quality of service. However, efforts to formalize and automate informal business processes can be challenging, as processes span divisions and IT systems. Adding to the challenge, business users are often disconnected from IT developers. Oracle Business Process Management has a unique way of solving these issues.

Oracle Business Process Management Overview
The five components described in this section make up Oracle Business Process Management and support the complete business process lifecycle.

Oracle Business Process Management Studio
Oracle Business Process Management studio enables unparalleled collaboration between business and IT. It is both a design tool built for the business analyst and an Eclipse-based integrated
development environment optimized for the developer.

Business analysts can design and simulate any type of process simply by dragging and dropping process elements based on the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standard onto role-based swim lanes. The single integrated process model then allows developers to make the process executable without requiring a translation between modeling and execution languages. The studio functionality also empowers developers to write business logic, connect to existing applications, and assemble user interfaces using standards such as Java, Microsoft .NET, Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Naming and Directory Interface, Web Services Description Language, XML, Common Object Request Broker Architecture, Common Object Model, and SQL.

Oracle Business Process Management User Interaction

Oracle Business Process Management user interaction provides all the interfaces required for users and process owners to act on deployed processes.

Oracle Business Process Management Workspace

Oracle Business Process Management workspace is an out-of-the-box and configurable Web-based interface allowing users to access and manipulate tasks according to their role and responsibility. Process activities that require human interaction are automatically surfaced into customizable JavaServer Faces (JSF),consumable by virtually any portal, including Oracle WebCenter Suite. The
Microsoft Office add-on is critical for end users who want to interact with processes using any Office product, including Outlook, Word, or Excel.

Oracle Business Process Management Dashboards

Oracle Business Process Management dashboards provide near-real-time and historical process data tailored for each role. Managers get the actionable intelligence they need to make critical, timely decisions, and business analysts are able to define key performance indicators (KPIs) as they model processes.

Oracle Business Process Management Server

Oracle Business Process Management server orchestrates all processes and their resources to manage sequences, enforce rules, and audit each step, thus ensuring flawless execution, escalation, and exception management. Built for performance and scale, the engine supports processes written in XML Process Definition

Language (XPDL), an industry standard for process definition and execution. In addition, the server’s architecture allows IT administrators to create flexible topologies for load-balancing and fault-tolerant scenarios.

Unique Differentiators

Oracle Business Process Management has a proven approach for enabling business users and IT to collaborate and bring to market process improvements and innovations. With an eye toward business users, Oracle Business Process Management provides novel ways for users to interact with and monitor their processes through Web applications, portals, Office integration, and business dashboards. With Oracle Business Process Management, you can provide the ultimate environment for user productivity and decision-making activity.

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