Risk and Compliance Management

Risk and Compliance solutions help minimize risk, automate compliance, and optimize security. Through Security Connected framework, risk and compliance management can achieve a new level of operational efficiency.

SSL’s partnership with McAfee provides solutions that help identify compliance requirements, deliver real-time insight into vulnerabilities and policies, and automate remediation.

With a single console that shows network and endpoint activity, it becomes easy to pinpoint gaps in compliance and identify vulnerabilities so that you can protect your most critical assets by focusing security investments where they matter most. With McAfee Risk and Compliance products, you can spend less of your budget on operations, while demonstrating higher levels of security and more control in audits and reviews.

SSL, through McAfee Integrated Suites for Risk and Compliance automates processes to streamline IT audits, simplify reporting, and help meet industry regulations.

Though enhanced visibility, effective risk management and continuous compliance, organizations using this R&C solutions are able to get in control and stay in control. Talk to customers about managing their risk and compliance needs through

  • Visibility: Real-time views of risk profiles correlated from vulnerabilities, threats and countermeasures. Policy reports and alerts that enable customers to monitor and manage compliance.
  • Risk Management: Minimize the variables that create opportunities for errors and attacks and invest resources where their business risks are greatest.
  • Continuous Compliance: Continuously evaluate systems for compliance with security and regulatory policies; systems-level controls for flexibility and confidence; centralized management of configurations on servers and endpoints that includes denying unauthorized changes from malware to user installations.

For C-level Executives (CIO, CISO, CTO)

Our risk and compliance solutions provide real-time insight and actionable intelligence allowing you to direct security and resource investments where they matter the most for risk management, compliance and business availability. Perhaps best of all, you spend less of your budget on operations, while demonstrating control of your entire environment.

For IT Directors and/or Vice Presidents

Our risk and compliance solutions keep you informed with real-time visibility into changes occurring in your environment. They also provide new controls to enforce policy and security configurations for endpoints and servers—from field devices to data centers—keeping drift to a minimum. Our controls help you preserve system integrity and availability without negative system performance or an excess burden on day-to-day operations.

Soft Solutions Limited (SSL) partners with McAfee in Nigeria to bring the McAfee Suite of product that specializes in security across the enterprise. SSL is well positioned to provide companies with software applications that run on their IT infrastructure as well as the tools that help to manage that infrastructure. Supporting these product offerings are our various services that scale from basic support services to complete outsourcing services. Our solutions are organized in the following groups

  • Process Improvement Solutions
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Network Performance Solutions
  • Services Management Solutions

Soft Solutions has partnered with leading Networking & Security Solution providers to bring the best of the breed solutions to Nigeria over the last decade.

For more information, contact info@ss-limited.com or send a request.

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