SSLCloud HRMS Suite

The SSLCloud Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) Suite is a secure cloud hosted platform that combines all the functions of a complete enterprise level human resource team into a number of modules and delivers them together as ONE to businesses at easy to handle cost.

Doing this, we have not only worked around lowering financial burdens on organisations, but have also helped to create clear process layouts, bring about transparency and most of all ensure that employee management can be carried out efficiently and effectively from anywhere at any time on a mobile device, tablet or PC.

Hence bringing management one more step closer to you.

SSLCloud HRMS Suite includes:

  • Employee Management
  • Document Management
  • Time-off & Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Reviews & Appraisals
  • Dashboards & Reports

In today’s world, the Cloud is the way to go. SSLCloud is positioned to take over traditional stand-alone systems, desktop version ERP, access developed applications or manually handling these functions using excel.

SSLCloud is totally modular and scalable with all the features for an enterprise bundled within, modularly.

In essence, SSLCloud bring ERP’s to SMB.

Benefits Include:

  • High Data availability and Security
  • No hardware or UAT infrastructure required to setup
  • No IT or database employee overhead cost
  • Accessible from any location and at anytime
  • Accessible on PC’s, Servers, Tablets, Mobiles
  • Modular independent structure with base module
  • Flexible and relatively cheap payment models (PAYG)
  • Ease of scaling vertically or horizontally without cost
  • Centralized location for organizational records
  • Faster and more transparent operations
  • Single Point of Truth
  • Employee Self Service management

Soft Solution Limited’s (SSL) McAfee Data Loss Prevention (LPD) Services

McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) guards both regulated and sensitive privacy data, including hard-to-control financial data, source code, formulas, and designs. With McAfee DLP, you can identify and control critical data more easily and completely through our advanced data analytics technology, safeguard your enterprise from accidental and malicious data loss, and prove compliance and perform investigations with less effort, while saving time and money with centralized deployment, management, and reporting.

This protection works across networks, through applications, and through removable storage devices.

  • Data transfer methodology — Host Data Loss Prevention controls how you transfer data over the network, use it in applications, and copy it to removable storage devices.
  • Data protection regardless of format — Protect data in any format, even if it’s modified, copied, pasted, compressed, or encrypted.
  • Controlling data sent to removable storage — Prevent data from being written to USB drives, iPods, and other removable storage devices, and stop data loss from endpoints by monitoring and preventing risky user behavior.
  • Streamlined data encryption — When you combine Host Data Loss Prevention with Endpoint Encryption, the data encryption is content-aware which makes the encryption process more efficient.
  • Centralized management console — Managing Host Data Loss Prevention allows you to define and manage data protection policies, deploy and update agents, monitor real-time events, and generate reports to meet compliance requirements, all from the centralized McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) management console.

Why Soft Solutions Limited (SSL)?
Soft Solutions Limited (SSL) founded in 1994, has emerged as one of the leading IT solutions and consulting companies in Nigeria.

SSL helps customers address enterprise challenges by providing comprehensive solutions that combines innovative models and technologies with passion to solve business problems.

We deliver technology solutions that are cost effective, easy to use and adaptive to enable next level growth. Our solutions provide the platform for an agile ICT environment that drives an organization towards set objectives. They instantly transform any organization and deliver visible return on Investment.

At SSL, we are pragmatic consultants who bring an implementation perspective to all our work. We realize that elegant solutions are meaningless unless they can be translated into sustainable business value.

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