Vulnerability Assessment

As part of our commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional value at all times, SSL is proud to announce a FREE Vulnerability Assessment (VAS) for our clients. This one time opportunity is available to the first 15 existing SSL clients who request it from 1st June 2011 to 30th July, 2011.*

What is VAS?

Organizations are exposed to certain levels of risk associated with a wide variety of threats. These threats may be the result of accidents, natural events or intentional acts designed to cause harm. Regardless of the nature of the threat, you are charged with the responsibility or limiting or managing risks from these threats

VAS mitigates the potential impact of loss from a successful attack as well as the vulnerability of your organization to attack. A key component of VAS is properly defining the ratings for the impact of loss and vulnerability. These definitions may vary greatly from organization to organization.

VAS may also include detailed analysis of the potential impact of loss from an explosive, chemical, or biological attack.

SSL System Architects, with specific training and experience in these areas, are on hand to perform an in-depth inspection for security weaknesses and provide detailed analyses FOC during this promo period.

Why should I conduct VAS

VAS helps you know where you are before mapping out where you are going.

Warning: Do not conduct a VAS simply to see how it turns out.

In fact, you should anticipate that it will turn out badly. All organizations are vulnerable to hazards. The goal is to establish a starting point on the way toward reducing vulnerability. VAS can be your guide for developing mitigation strategies and prioritizing mitigation projects. You should also plan to repeat the assessment to measure the effectiveness of your mitigation activities at appropriate time intervals for your organization.


  1. Usually we charge N10, 000 per node, but for this promo, it’s FREE of charge!
  2. Simple, Fast and Comprehensive
  3. Vulnerability Management
  4. Shows you what you’re up against
  5. Manages vulnerability across the organization
  6. We’ll give you a detailed vulnerability report
  7. Saves you time and money!

To receive these valuable service absolutely FREE, send the following details to

*Conditions Apply:
- Must have been an SSL client for at least six months
- Does not apply to clients with less than 100 McAfee nodes
- Must be one of the first 15 clients to request the service.
- Available to clients within Lagos

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