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If you're planning to implement a network access control(NAC) system to ensure that only authorized users with fully patched and virus-protected hardware can access corporate resources, then keep reading.

Do you know that only about a third of the large corporations in Nigeria have adopted the NAC solution? The good news is, many more are presently considering the solution. If you and/or your organization is not yet considering it, definitely you need to KEEP READING.

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Why Should I Consider NAC?

There are a few reasons why corporations are presently considering NAC, two of the key drivers are

  1. Compliance: One of the key drivers for these corporations who are considering NAC, is Compliance- having the capability to carry out network access control, and being able to prove that capability.
  2. Cost Saving: There is also the Financial driver. In manual access control, corporations spend alot money, time and resources updating clients manually, NAC allows organizations cut cost fast. Automating policy enforcement can free up a lot of people and cut calls to help desks dramatically.

What is Network Access Control (NAC)

Network Access control (NAC) enables granular control over network access and continuous monitoring of your endpoints to help prevent the spread of malware and other threats that can harm your infrastructure and leave your organization vulnerable to attack.

NAC is a computer networking solution that uses a set of protocols to define and implement a policy that describes how to secure access to network nodes by devices when they initially attempt to access the network. NAC might integrate the automatic remediation process (fixing non-compliant nodes before allowing access) into the network systems, allowing the network infrastructure such as routers, switches and firewalls to work together with back office servers and end user computing equipment to ensure the information systems operating securely before interoperability is allowed.

Network Access Control aims to do exactly what the name implies—control access to a network with policies, including pre-admission endpoint security policy checks and post-admission controls over where users and devices can go on a network and what they can do.

To Put it Simple

When a computer connects to a computer network, it is not permitted to access anything unless it complies with a business defined policy, including anti-virus protection level, system update level and configuration. While the computer is being checked by a pre-installed software agent, it can only access resources that can remediate (resolve or update) any issues. Once the policy is met, the computer is able to access network resources and the Internet, within the policies defined within the NAC system. NAC is mainly used for endpoint health checks, but it is often tied to Role based Access. Access to the network will be given according to profile of the person and the results of a posture/health check. For example, in an enterprise, the HR department could access only HR department files if both the role and the endpoint meets anti-virus minimums.

Features and Benefits of NAC

Together, these features deliver comprehensive endpoint control, offering security checks throughout the lifecycle of a device's network access.

  • Get continuous compliance
    Verify policy compliance before allowing network access, in a single step. Gain audit readiness and audit confidence by validating business and security policy in real time.
  • Protect remote and branch sites
    Deploy a single network security appliance to ensure your distributed workforce can access resources at corporate headquarters safely and reliably.
  • Prevent threats nonstop
    Block threats before and after admission using in-depth knowledge of changing system health, compliance, and users.
  • Gain real-time visibility
    Monitor your insiders in real time, post connection, to gain visibility into user and system behavior without the after-the-fact limits and inefficiencies of manual log analysis.
  • Get convenient, accurate access control for guests, contractors, and employees
    Match granular access controls to the risk in each situation. You can ensure that all users, from CEO to visitor, get appropriate access while maintaining the safety of your network.
  • Unify management for low operational cost
    Streamline deployment and maintenance with unified management for endpoint security, access control, and compliance; a single agent; and an enterprise-class, centralized policy management architecture.
  • Easily enhance existing systems
    Leverage your investments in McAfee and Microsoft products with painless upgrades; reuse of agents, consoles, and reports; and integration with Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP), network flow data, Active Directory, and other products. Easily integrate with the McAfee Network Security Platform and McAfee Network Access Control Appliance for enforcement of unmanaged systems.
  • Flexible Endpoint Control
    Full pre- and post-admission protection for all endpoints, managed and unmanaged.
  • Real-time Threat Protection
    Agent less network access control combined with zero-day threat prevention and automated policy enforcement.
  • Information You Can Use
    Network intelligence delivers a unified view of endpoint activity and powerful analysis of your network's history and usage.

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