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To address important enterprise-wide challenges, SSL offers Enterprise Business Applications and Services that meet customer needs, help pursue new strategic initiatives and reduce duplication of systems, processes or data. SSL is structured to support your holistic enterprise efforts by readily enabling the integration of business applications and technology in the context of your strategic goals and objectives. Our comprehensive approach will help synchronize your business and IT, increase visibility, reduce costs and deliver value to your business. SSL brings you leading applications in Banking, e-Payment, Business Process Management, CRM and ERP along with the implementation expertise to keep you ahead of your competition.

I recently met a client who had a telling observation. He remarked that in IT organizations, most supervisor work "one rung" lower. When asked to explain, he stated that most supervisors tend to hang on to their earlier roles, for far too long. They believe that if they do not provide continuous oversight, the reporting person would not deliver to the desired outcome. Why is it so difficult for supervisors to "let go" of their earlier responsibilities? Behavioral scientists link it to the “Not Invented Here” syndrome. In other words, it is the unwillingness to adopt an idea or product because it originates from another person or culture. This practice of working down one rung lower continues until it reaches the lowest rung of the organization.

The end result: Inefficiency, dip in productivity and loss of accountability.

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