The role of XenApp – Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization is an alternative to conventional deployment techniques that separates applications from the underlying computing hardware in a way that allows them to be delivered to user machines as a service rather than being distributed and installed on them.

With XenApp, the process begins with profiling, a step that yields a single package that accounts for all target platforms on which each application may need to run. Application packages are then stored and maintained on a centralized App Hub or file system, and delivered to users for either offline or online application access.

  • With offline application virtualization, applications are dynamically streamed into an isolated environment on the user’s PC. Local computing resources are then used to run the application and users have access to essential programs and data even when they are disconnected from the corporate network.
  • Alternately, with online application virtualization, applications are dynamically streamed to centralized hosting servers. Datacenter resources are used to run the applications which users are able to access from anywhere. A highly optimized protocol conveys only keystrokes, mouse movements and screen updates, thereby helping to achieve a high definition user experience.

The net result is that with XenApp administrators can quickly and easily provision, adjust and de-provision users with the ability to access almost any application from almost anywhere using almost any device - a highly valuable capability when it comes to ensuring workforce continuity.

Furthermore, using the associated Provisioning Services, IT departments can dynamically add capacity to their XenApp farm as needed. Another significant advantage is that with XenApp, an organization’s sensitive data need never leave the datacenter. At the same time, associated applications can be managed in an efficient, centralized manner that substantially improves business agility and reduces complexity, risk and cost of ownership compared to traditional application deployment techniques.

Citrix XenApp will help your IT organization: Reduce the cost of application management by centralizing applications.  Deliver your applications instantly to users anywhere.  Improve security with centralized control and secure access to data and applications.

Why Soft Solutions Limited (SSL)?

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Soft Solutions Limited partners with Citrix in Nigeria. Citrix Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of virtualization, networking and software as a service technology for more than 230,000 organizations worldwide.


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