Professional Service

SSL is keen to help organizations implement the investments they have made in Core Infrastructure Solutions and Enterprise Business Applications. We have achieved a high level of competence in this area by serving our clients in the Manufacturing, Telecom, Public Sector, Banking, Financial and other industries for over a decade and half. SSL Professional Services helps our clients beginning with the proof of concept phase, enabling them to visualize solutions at their very inception. This ensures that solutions are optimally aligned with business goals.

With more than twenty engineers certified in Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, IBM, Electra Card Services, and Siebel, amongst others, SSL is well equipped to offer Professional Services for a wide range of technology and business applications. As an ISO 9000 certified company, SSL follows the best IT practices and processes and delivers projects to customers that are within your budget. We have PMP® certified professionals who devise processes that are repeatable and thereby deliver projects with predictable quality at much lower costs.

SSL’s approach to enterprise IT professional services:

  • Holistic Engagement Methodology from Core Infrastructure to Enterprise Business Application and Training
  • Subject Matter and Domain Expertise
  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Deliverables Management
  • Project Management

SSL's Approach to Security Implementation

SSL follows a 7-step engagement process to ensure a most efficient security implementation possible.

  1. STRATEGIZE – In this stage we identify your requirements and the service deliverables. Our engineers will understand your organization’s strategic security objectives and top priorities. Further, they will assess your existing security environment and determine your hardware and software requirements.
  2. PLAN – In this stage, the SSL team will develop a project plan and validate the plan against the objectives and priorities identified earlier. In this stage we will plan and develop the System Architecture and review it with your organization and also develop a deployment strategy.
  3. DESIGN – In the design stage, we will define the security policies, develop security business process architecture and specify reporting requirements.
  4. DEPLOY – In the deployment stage, the SSL team will install the required security products, and complete the initial configuration of security products in the pilot environment.
  5. TEST AND GO-LIVE – In the Go-Live phase, the SSL team will assess the configuration and test the installed security products.
  6. OPTIMIZE – In the final stage, SSL team will tune the installed products to streamline and enhance your systems. This will be done through reviewing the reports of the deployed security products, retuning the configuration based on reports, deploying additional functionality and refining alerting and notification.
  7. CSS – Post deployment, the SSL team will administer the Customer Satisfaction Survey.
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