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It's time for a new solution.

Content is the lifeblood of every organization. The way content is created, consumed and communicated has radically changed......and so too must security. Today's threats are enormous and pose great challenges. Attacks are blended, sophisticated and targeted. One thing is same for most, attacks are out to steal precious data. Every channel of communication is vulnerable, from emails and mobile computing devices to a multitude of web-enabled technologies. Attackers have perfected their strategies to prey upon social and dynamic websites and to circumvent traditional security measures by embedding malware in legitimate websites.

79.9% of websites with malicious codes are legitimate sites that have been compromise.

The Websense TRITON is the only solution that can meet this converged problem head-on. The TRITON solution safely enables social media, cloud computing, mobile workers and remote offices and helps prevent data loss while reducing costs and complexity.

What is the TRITON solution?

The Websense TRITON solution is a true unified solution. It's a solution that combines web, email and data security technologies on a common architecture with a variety of solution packages. Websense TRITON has a comprehensive coverage that plugs all security holes. You gain superior control of your security through a single management console, the Websense TRITON Console. You can also extend protection from corporate headquarters to remote offices and mobile workers through the power of on-premise controls combined with the flexibility and cost efficiencies of a cloud-based Security-as-Service (SaaS) platform.

It offers you the flexibility to meet content security and deployment requirements that may
change based on your business needs, while offering the best security against modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

How does it work?

The TRITON solution consolidates Web security, email security, and data loss prevention (DLP) into a highly flexible and scalable architecture that unifies content analysis, platforms, and security management.

Unified content analysis

Includes real-time threat analysis provided by the Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE). ACE combines multiple analytic methods to dynamically classify both incoming and outgoing content. The unified platform offers several benefits. First, the freedom of deploying content security solutions in the cloud or on-premise offers the flexibility to meet changing security requirements. Second, the on-premise platform is highly integrated, enabling Web, email, or data security solutions to operate on a single appliance. Finally, tight integration between the cloud-based and on-premise platforms through Websense TruHybrid™ deployment enables you to best meet the needs of headquarters, remote offices, and mobile workers.

Unified management

Ensures that remote office and mobile workers receive the same high-quality protection consistent with their colleagues at the headquarter. The TRITON solution provides unrivaled visibility into an organization’s computing environment and application traffic, thereby delivering superior flexibility and control.

With the TRITON solution, you receive:

  • Uncompromised security that enables your business to be more effective and flexible.
  • Maximum savings through consolidation of management, platforms, and unified content analysis, combined with the efficiency of the cloud.
  • The TRITON solution helps you lower your security risks, save money, and free up valuable resources.

TRITON Solution Modules

The following TRITON solution packages are available to you:

Websense TriTon enterprise

  • Maximum flexibility, Security and Control
  • Lower total cost of ownership across the enterprise.
  • Access to all Websense solutions, which includes the entire Websense TRITON architecture
  • Easy to scale the solution to fit changing business requirements.
  • You cut out the complexity and costs associated with deploying, managing, and maintaining multiple security products while getting the best security against modern threats.

Websense TriTon Security Gateway Anywhere

  • Superior protection for Web and email channels
  • Consolidated gateway solution
  • Superior malware protection
  • Enterprise-class DLP
  • Combine appliance and SaaS platforms that lower hardware costs

Websense Web security Gateway Anywhere

  • Consolidates real-time social Web security, enterprise-class DLP, and email security both in the cloud and on-premise.
  • A scalable content security platform
  • Lower purchasing, hardware, and operational expenses across your enterprise

Websense Data Security Suite

  • Enables visibility into your network by monitoring all network traffic
  • Manage compliance with its built-in regulatory policies
  • Enforce business processes with its flexible and accurate policy definition tools
  • Take full advantage of social Web applications without the concern of data loss.
  • It also enables enforcement of your data security policies at the endpoint. With laptops being very susceptible to data loss through removable media and a lack of offline controls, no data security solution would be complete without this ability to secure employee laptops.

The SSL Advantage

SSL partners with Websense in Nigeria to bring the Websense Suite of solutions that specializes in Unified content security across the enterprise. SSL is well positioned to provide companies with software applications that run on their IT infrastructure as well as the tools that help to manage that infrastructure. Supporting these product offerings are our various services that scale from basic support services to complete outsourcing services.

SSL has been in the security domain for almost 90,000 person months with over 10,000 incidences successfully resolved through these years: our understanding of core security issues and scenarios is unmatched. As your choice security provider, we can easily provide the best support required to seamlessly migrate between security products.

For a free evaluation of Websense products, email info@ss-limited.com or marketing@ss-limited.com or Request an evaluation

Why Soft Solutions Limited?

Soft Solutions Limited (SSL) founded in 1994, has emerged as one of the leading IT solutions and consulting companies in Nigeria. SSL help customers address enterprise challenges by providing comprehensive solutions that combines innovative models and technologies with passion to solve business problems.

We deliver technology solutions that are cost effective, easy to use and adaptive to enable next level growth. Our solutions provide the platform for an agile ICT environment that drives an organization towards set objectives. They instantly transform any organization and deliver visible return on Investment. At SSL, we are pragmatic consultants who bring an implementation perspective to all our work. We realize that elegant solutions are meaningless unless they can be translated into sustainable business value.

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