You need backbox

Network devices fail all too often and whey they do, recovery can be difficult and the outage costly. Failures come from lots of sources including hardware, software and operating system malfunctions, misconfigurations, upgrades and high-availability replication.

When failures occur, recovery time needs to be short. Homegrown scripts are ineffective and unreliable. You need recent, verified backips of all your network devices in a centralized, secure location. You need Backbox!

What is Backbox?


BackBox enables security and network administrators to schedule and monitor element configuration backups and alerts if such backups are not recent. It has an intuitive dashboard that allows a single view of all networking and security applications and devices and highlights devices that were not recently saved.

A unique multi-check engine, not only verifies that a backup has been performed but also makes sure that the saved configuration meets the criteria needed to make sure that it can be used for restoration of the device or application.

Some features of Backbox

  • Live Dashboard with Real-time status
  • Backup file verification
  • Real-Time and scheduled reporting
  • Automated & Scheduled backups from a single location
  • Web-based Management
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multi-Vendor Support
  • Built in Dynamic firewall
  • 3-Tier Administration
  • ASCII Configuration file comparison
  • Secure Virtual Appliance installation
  • Generic device and new product support updates
  • Central Application for all security and networking configuration backup
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Disaster Recovery templates
  • Generic Device and new product support updates
  • Syslog alerts for SIEM/SOC Integration

BackBox Solution Overview

  1. Feature Rich Solution
    BackBox is a full featured backup system that is ready to deploy in the enterprise. It can be customized with a variety of different options. It supports automated and scheduled backups, three tiers of administration and web-based management.
  2. Scalable
    Having all your backups in one place is important to ensure you can restore quickly and easily. BackBox is built to scale. BackBox can handle thousands of devices that require frequent backup.
  3. More Security for your Security Configurations
    The BackBox infrastructure provides a secure repository for your security device configurations. Its hardened OS, internal firewall, encrypted passwords and secure communication with all devices mean you can rest easy.
  4. Comply with Regulations
    Many compliance guidelines and regulations require that the network infrastructure have a full disaster recovery plan. BackBox helps organizations quickly and cost effectively meet those regulatory burdens with real-time off-box backups.

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