SSL1Like most organizations, if you hire, fire or pay employees, you are already doing Human Resource Management. The question is if you are doing it the right way?
Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not survive in 2oth century business environment because of local and foreign competition. Automating internal and business processes before profits dwindle due to competition can help SMEs create business opportunities and combat pressures from competition.

SSLCloud HRMS provides extensive employee management capabilities to Medium and Large enterprises enabling the automation of critical related business processes at a fraction of the cost for similar solutions.

SSLCloud helps SMEs cut costs by improving internal processes with cutting edge solutions like Employee Record Management, Leave Management, Payroll Management, Employee Performance Management and Document Management modules. Our best in class solution is flexible and scalable to meet ever-growing market requirements.

As a market leader, our SSLCloud HRMS solution is provided on Premise and as a service with a 99.999% uptime. Our teeming customers don’t have to bother about the cost of purchase and managing hardware required to power such an enormous solution. SSL takes off that cost and delivers the service on demand over the internet whenever and wherever our customers require.

What can you expect of our solution

• Performance reviews can be done correctly and accurately. Once the template has been set up, you can easily manage appraisals by allowing employees to start off the appraisal process based on preset KPI’s and electronically get his managers feedback before conclusion and close out. Say goodbye to paper appraisals.
• You can keep track of company assets in your employees’ possession, including company cellphone, laptop and vehicle, to name a few. Keep a record of the purchase date, the original purchase price, scrap date and
• You can capture critical employee records and store in document management solution for easy retrieval as at when required.
• Employee leave requests can be managed automatically by each employee. Approvals and rejections are managed in the solution and a group leave calendar provides enterprise leave overview.
• Fully integrated with your Payroll Software. No need to recapture employee records. Financial information is not synchronized to your HR System. Note: You don’t need a Payroll Solution to use this HR System.
• Comprehensive reporting features

SSLCloud HRMS Core Modules

1. Employee and Document Management Module
2. Leave Management Module
3. Payroll Management Module
4. Performance Management Module

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